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Manufacturing Industry in worst decline for six years as economy fears deepen...

 Before we all jump on the "Brexit Bus" though there were other factors that caused this decline...  other factors such as reduced exports & a amid global slowdown have affected the Manufacturing Sector. This prompted factory employers to cut more jobs for the third Quarter running & added to the fears over the wider economy. 

Because of this, the need to cut costs in all areas is essential. Utilities sits there or there abouts at the top of the pile in terms of Manufacturing Industries overall cost's. The easiest way to help reduce the time & costs spent on Manufacturers Utility Bills is by engaging with an Energy Management Company that specialises in the Manufacturing Industry, this is where CSE Ltd come into the picture.

CSE Ltd have dealt with Manufacturers of all types & sizes, from some of the biggest Plastics & Wax Manufacturers in the UK to Bespoke Joinery Workshop's, but it seems that there is a reoccurring pattern, Usage & Cost's are very high & awareness & time to manage these are very low.


CSE Ltd takes Utilities of your to-do list completely, which in turn allows you to concentrate on what is important to making your business even more profitable, manufacturing! 





CSE Ltd were fantastic. They did everything for us from start to finish. Profiled all 7 sites, performed a full tender process, negotiated & contract aligned everything.
The process was seamless & the savings were huge. They are now managing our contracts for us, they literally have taken Utilities of our to-do list.
Paul Pollan -
UK Manufacturer