About Us & Our Services

We are here to Ensure your aware of your renewal dates year after year.  Too many Businesses end up auto-renewing or going onto variable rates where your Energy bills shoot through the roof! We are here to make sure that wont happen.


Contract renewal reminders


We are here to ensure you understand your bills as much as you want too and to help pin point where you could be saving money too.


You will have your own dedicated account manager to assist you.

Bill analysis


When you don’t have the time to sit on the phone to your busy Energy supplier, give us a call & let us help.


A dedicated UK based customer services team to cater for your every need.

Supplier contract service


From Contract Aligning multiple site billing and duel supplies. To assisting in contract termination. We do it all !

Contract Management


Obtaining competitive rates on Electricity, Gas and Duel Fuel. &

Access to prices from all our trusted Energy suppliers, over 28 of them!

Energy Procurement


Monitoring and managing to assist in identifying further cost efficiencies.


Free advice on reducing your businesses energy usage, which in turn will help the environment and save you money.

Cost and Consumption


CSE Ltd is one of the leading Energy Management Companies in the South East of the UK, with over 20 years worth of experience in the Utilities industry.



Businesses face an ongoing challenge these days when it comes to the ever-changing energy market.  Often volatile, the energy markets can be affected by a multitude of elements with political or world issues affecting wholesale electricity and gas prices daily. Combine this with a bewildering choice of energy suppliers, regulatory changes and complex contractual engagements that differ between suppliers, there is no wonder that utility management can drop down a business’s ‘To Do List’. Unfortunately, this can have a significant effect on business overheads which unless resolved promptly, can affect profits.

CSE Ltd is ideally positioned to help Reduce the Cost of Powering your Business.


Standard elements of our service include:




Due to our direct relationships with Suppliers we have access to the most competitive gas, electricity & water rates in the market, therefore we can help businesses of all sizes quite literally get the best rates. We are linked with all 31Suppliers in the market. Not only do we have access to rates of the ‘Big 6’ suppliers' but we are we can also access many of the smaller suppliers now available in the UK, so our consultants are ready to get you the best quotes from a mixture of energy suppliers large and small.

Our approach is tailored to your specific needs and structure so whether your business has a single site or multiples, low consumption or high, CSE Ltd is able to provide a long-term cost effective solution for powering your business.

CSE Ltd can ensure that you get a business energy contract that’s just the right fit.