Why CSE Ltd ?


CSE Ltd have been Super. I barely had to lift a finger in the process & they have produced an estimated saving of £395 over the 2 years for me...


A no brainer !

Suzanne - Brighton & Hove


Some Home Owners & businesses procure their own energy direct from suppliers and others use an energy broker, both approaches have their positives and negatives.

The in-house approach ensures the business retains total control over how they manage their partners spending habits but the downsides are that this approach can take up valuable staff time, increases the possibility of missing renewal dates (thus falling onto punitive default rates) and not purchasing competitively.

The broker approach, can turn the above scenario on its head but only if the right type of broker is engaged. Too often clients only hear from their broker when renewals are due (which can in some cases be every 3 years) and they receive no management of their energy contracts. What else do they do for you? Are they working with your long term interests at the centre of how they approach the market or just taking the commission?


HOWEVER... At CSE Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke energy management service to our clients that ensures they not only receive the most competitive rates but also guidance on how to reduce direct and indirect costs, whether this be on how and when to procure or how to reduce consumption. 


We will effectively manage the cost of powering your business, allowing you to focus on your core business.


I have used CSE Ltd for my last 2 Utility Renewals at home & not only have they saved me over £500's in the process but they have stayed with me every step of the way. Assisting with any billing questions or Supplier issues I have had. Their service levels are excellent & I would recommend them to anyone!


Phil Belzar - Kent