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About Us

Since becoming the leading Utility Management company in the South East of England in 2018, we have continued pushing forwards with our 2 core values at the heart of everything we do. 


Saving establishments money & Saving the planet 

We help reduce the cost of powering UK businesses along with switching utility supplies to Greener Energy alternatives, both of which create a better way of living for all.


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Our Mission

  •  To help reduce the cost of powering UK businesses. 


  • To help save the planet by switching utility Supplies to Greener Energy alternatives.

  • To provide sterling customer service & change the way our customers perceive the Utilities market.


Some of Our recent Achievements

  • We converted an estimated 10.5 Million kWh to Green Energy in 2020 


  • We provided our clients with a combined total of £210,000's worth of incorrect charges in 2020.


  • We partnered with WWF foundation in 2020 & sponsored the 'Land For Life foundation', 'Amazon Appeal' & 'Sky Ocean Hero appeal'.