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With a typical pub or restaurant pulling significant levels of power on a range of operational functions, they face an ongoing cost challenge when it comes to the everchanging energy market. When it comes to pub operating costs, the highest is usually staff wages, followed by Utilities.  If left unmanaged, the effect on an establishment’s profitability can be significant and so the need to reduce the cost of Pulling a Pint …… through reducing the cost of Pulling Power, is vital. 


Having assisted hundreds of pubs, restaurants, venues & caterers across the UK, CSE are very aware of the reoccurring patterns within the sector - energy usage is high and the lack of awareness as to whether competitive rates are being received are low. 


The easiest way to help reduce the time & costs spent on 'Pulling Pints' is by engaging with an Energy Management Company that specialises in the Hospitality Industry, this is where CSE Ltd come into the picture.

On average 18 pubs & Restaurant's 

close in the UK per week due to excessive utility costs...


20°C to 22°C is the ideal temperature for a pub or restaurant.


Remember, you won’t need as much heating if your venue is packed with customers.

Around 1/4 of a Pub or Restaurant's 

energy costs can be down to lighting. 


Installing LED lighting & automatic lighting controls reduce electricity bills significantly.

10% of the energy used in a hospitality venue will be for keeping beverages cold. 

Cellar temperature's should be  between 11°C &13°C.


Overcooling by  1°C can raise cellar energy costs by up to 10%, check this regularly.

Are you in the Hospitality Industry?

We set up the "Reduce the Cost of Pulling Power, for Pulling Pints" Campaign in 2018 to help Pub's & Restaurant's across the UK reduce their utility costs & consumption. Along with Pub's & Restaurants we have worked with caterers, breweries, event venues, UK wide chains & local establishments.  


We achieve AVG savings of around 24% in the Hospitality industry.

If you're in the Hospitality industry then contact us today to take Utilities of your to-do list & reduce the cost of powering your business.

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Industry Testimonials

Indie Pub Groups Ltd

Running pubs is a time consuming and costly business and so issues relating to utility supplies are never welcome. So in 2018 when we faced a number of utility challenges across our pubs relating to not just the more common issue of rising charges but also the more complex ones such as change of tenancy, meter re-instatement, new service supplies, we were unsure how best to manage these issues.


Fortunately CSE Ltd were recommended to us as a potential partner for resolving these issues and after meeting with Lewis of CSE Ltd and highlighting the significant impact that any down time of utilities has on our pubs, I felt confident of leaving him to resolve our utility challenges. I am delighted to say that with little need of my time, CSE Ltd organised for meter reconnections, change of tenancy documentation (and supplier legacy management), setting up of new contracts on electrics and water at one pub and negotiated renewal rates on others. All items were managed in a professional and time efficient manner and with the added bonus of 30% savings on our gas costs at one pub !


I would have no hesitation in recommending CSE Ltd to review other pubs utilities (or any other business for that matter)

Chris & Charlotte