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Manufacturing & Utilities

Utilities sits at the top of the pile in terms of costs in the Manufacturing Industry.
The easiest way to help reduce the time & costs spent on Manufacturers Utility Bills is by engaging with an Energy Management Company that specialises in the Manufacturing Industry, this is where CSE Ltd come into the picture.

Switching light bulbs to LED Bulbs can result in reducing electricity usage for lighting by 80%...

Factory heating accounts for 12% of the average manufacturers energy bill...

HVAC systems are responsible for nearly 52% of a building’s total energy consumption. 

Using Machinery in 'Peak' hours compared to 'Off Peak' increases energy Bills by around 30%. 

Installing a programmable thermostat can reduce consumption by as much as 15%

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Are you in the Manufacturing Industry?

We have dealt with Manufacturers of all types & sizes, from the largest Plastic Manufacturers & Parcel Delivery Warehouses in the UK to smaller Bespoke Joinery Workshop's. The reoccurring pattern throughout is that Usage & Cost's are very high & awareness & time to manage these are very low.

We achieve AVG savings of around 18% in the Manufacturing industry.

If you're in the manufacturing industry then contact us today to take Utilities of your to-do list & reduce the cost of powering your business.

Industry Testimonials

CSE achieved a saving in the region of £40,000 over the course of a 28 Month Period for us and aligned our 5x Electricity Meters & 3x Gas Meters. Not only have they managed to provide us with such a significant saving but they have also assisted in the reimbursement of an additional £16,000 for incorrect past VAT charges. 

For a free service which required minimal time of ours, I could not recommend CSE anymore so. 

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