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Utilities sits right at the top of the pile in terms of overall cost's for Schools & Academy Trusts. Whether you manage your utilities in house or let your local council take care of this, the scrutiny both Schools & Academies find themselves under from never ending government schemes is endless & can have a negative effect on a number of other associated elements.

Understanding what schemes are available to assist in reducing consumption, carbon foot prints & costs can also be invaluable, along with checking billing histories to discover any possible reimbursements for incorrect charges on Unit Rates & VAT.

The easiest way to help reduce the time, scrutiny & costs spent on Utility Bills is by engaging with an Energy Management Company that specialises in the Education Industry, this is where CSE Ltd come into the picture.

Lighting costs can be reduced by up to 75% by replacing standard lightbulbs with energy saving LED bulbs.

Lighting accounts for

20-25% of the total energy used in schools. 

If computer monitors are left on 24 hours a day, each will cost £25 a year to run. Multiply that by the number of PCs in your school - it soon adds up!

On average heating accounts for 53% of a school’s annual fuel use. 

The DfES recommends classrooms are heated to 18°C, as children require lower temperatures.


Reducing temperature by 1°C can save 8% on heating costings.

Are you in the Education Industry?

We have dealt with Schools & Academies of all types & sizes, from UK wide multi-site Academy Trusts, to Council Owned Schools, all the way to Independent Primary & Secondary schools.  The reoccurring pattern throughout is that Usage, Scrutiny & Cost's are very high & awareness & time to manage these are very low.

We achieve AVG savings of around 21% in the Education industry.

If you're in the education industry then contact us today to take Utilities of your to-do list & reduce the cost of powering your organisation.

School Teacher

Industry Testimonials

BW Academies Trust

We engaged with CSE Ltd in March 2020 to help us find financial efficiencies in our energy contracts and to also assist with the overall management of them. This encompassed 23 meters across 2 Secondary Schools and a Primary School.


CSE Ltd have assisted us in multiple ways from an initial meter audit , to performing a full tender process, investigating incorrect supplier VAT charges (and their subsequent reimbursement) and total contract management. Through this process, they were able to deliver annual savings of around 12% and have also obtained a significant rebate on our behalf.


Having previously had poor experiences with other energy management companies, I was sceptical about using another but can honestly say it has been a very positive experience and their service has been excellent and as such we are continuing to use them for the ongoing management of our energy accounts. We highly recommend the services of CSE Ltd and in particular Lewis who has managed all aspects throughout our dealings with them.


Thank you for all your efforts for the Trust this year.

Trust Estate Manager